The year 1917 A.D.

in the Iranian History

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March, 29, 1917 A.D.:
Iran Acknowledges British Military Presence

The Iranian prime minister Vosooghoddoleh officially recognized the British SPR which special armed forces founded by the British. These forces were given the task of operating in the British Sphere in Southern Iran. The presence and operation of such forces inside of Iranian soil actually constitut... Read Full Article:


May, 15, 1917 A.D.:
Demonstrations Against Prime Minister

Public demonstrations against Vosooghoddoleh, the Prime Minister took place in Baharestan sq. in Tehran. The demonstrators clashed with the police. These demonstrations had started in Kerman and Fars provinces 40 days before after Vosooghoddoleh ratified a request by the British to create an army un... Read Full Article:


May, 29, 1917 A.D.:
Alaossaltaneh Announces His Cabinet Of Ministers

Following demonstrations against Prime Minister Vosooghoddoleh, he was forced to resign and Prince Alaossaltaneh was appointed to form a new government. He introduced his cabinet of ministers on May, 29, 1917 which was believed to be weak and unreliable from the beginning.That year was a disastrous ... Read Full Article:


December, 14, 1917 A.D.:
USSR Nullifies Treaties Imposed On Iran

In deflations broadcast on 11th to 14th December the Bolshevik government of Soviet Republic nullified some of the treaties that were imposed on Iran by force in 1907;separating Iran into north and south regions under Russian and British control respectively. Lenin personally had signed the declarat... Read Full Article:

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