The year 1723 A.D.

in the Iranian History

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April, 12, 1723 A.D.:
Mir Mahmoud Forces Defeated In Qazvin

After the fall of the Safavi dynasty and capture of capital Isfahan, crown prince Tahmasp Mirza fled to Qazvin and proclaimed king with crown name Shah Tahmasp 2. Amir Mahmoud of Kandahar who had imprisoned most of the royal family, sent his army to suppress the uprising. His army was trapped in Qaz... Read Full Article:


June, 26, 1723 A.D.:
Russians Capture Baku

In the midst of a civil war in Iran and circumstances that led to fall of the Safavi dynasty, Russian troops took advantage of the situation and captured the city of Baku. Meanwhile most Iranian territories became the stage of chaos and human tragedies that followed the capture of capital Isfahan by... Read Full Article:


September, 12, 1723 A.D.:
Iran Surrenders Gilan And Mazandaran

In the midst of a turmoil that started with invasion of Hotaki warlords into Iran, Isfahan, the Safavid capital fell on Oct, 12, 1722. Meanwhile, Russians and Ottomans used the opportunity to invade Caucasia.On August 23, 1722 the Russian army captured strategic city of Derbent. With little or no re... Read Full Article:

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