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November, 24

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November, 24, 266 A.D.:
Construction of Bishapour Was Completed.

Construction of Bishapour was completed after nearly six years following an order by Shapour I. He was very found of building cities and naming them after himself, though the name of cities gradually changed in time specially after Arab domination as the letter 'p' does not exist in Arabic, in text ... Read Full Article:


November, 24, 842 A.D.:
Red Revolution Across Iran

Four years after his brutal execution by Motasem in Samara, the followers of Babak Khorramdin known also as Sorkhjamegan, started one of the earliest colorful revolutions in world history with the color of their leader's blood. Babak's last gesture before his death; washing his face with his own bl... Read Full Article:


November, 24, 1512 A.D.:
Uzbeks Defeat Safavid-Mughal Alliance

After the defeat of Babur at the Battle of Kul Malek he applied for assistance to Biram Khan Karamanloo who commanded for the Safavid Persian Shah Ismail I at Balkh and who sent a detachment to support him, on the arrival of which the Uzbeks withdrew from the country of Hisar. But Babur after the si... Read Full Article:


November, 24, 1577 A.D.:
Shah Ismail 2. Of Safavid Dynasty Dies

Shah Ismail 2 from Safavid dynasty suddenly died. He was known as a bloodthirsty ruler whose reign lasted for only 15 months. He spend most of this time killing or blinding his father’s other sons and grandsons. He was the successor of Shah Tahmasp who had ascended the throne after spending 20 yea... Read Full Article:


November, 24, 1953 A.D.:
British Diplomats To Reopen Tehran Embassy

Three months after the CIA backed coup on Aug, 19 that toppled the popular Mosaddegh regime, 15 English diplomats and embassy staff enter Tehran to reopen the British embassy which was closed due to the row after Iran's nationalization of oil industry. The junta regime's PM General Zahedi declared s... Read Full Article:

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