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August, 19

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August, 19, 379 A.D.:
Ardeshir 3. Becomes King

After Shapour 2's death, Ardeshir 3 (379-383) becomes the new Sassanid king. There's a debate whether he was the son or the brother of Shapour 2. His opposition to the nobles and leaders caused him to resign after 4 years.... Read Full Article:


August, 19, 1953 A.D.:
CIA Backed Coup Topples Mosaddegh

Kim Roosevelt, the grandson of Theodore Roosevelt was on a mission for CIA when he arrived in Tehran on Aug, 8, 1953, 16 days before the shameful operation that put an end to the young Iranian democracy's life.Accompanied by the British secret service agents and pro-Shah military officers, from the ... Read Full Article:


August, 19, 1978 A.D.:
Fire In Rex Movie Theatre Kills 377

A fire broke out at the Rex Cinema in Abadan at around 8:21 pm while hundreds of people were watching a movie called Gavaznha. From around 700 people watching the movie 377 burned alive. Controversial reports came after the incident, specially those statements made by the officials made people suspi... Read Full Article:


August, 19, 1989 A.D.:
IRI Helps Free US Hostages In Lebanon

Eight U.S. hostages were being held in Lebanon and the Reagan administration was struggling to get them back. On Aug, 19, 1989, Iran offered to assist the American government to get the prisoners back, but wanted the U.S. to help free Iranian diplomats kidnapped in Lebanon.The Lebanon hostage crisis... Read Full Article:

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