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August, 06

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August, 6, 885 A.D.:
Armenia Declares Independence

After the fall of the Sassanid Empire and during a weak period in Constantinople, Armenians who lived in a vast area including Caucasia and modern Turkey, used the opportunity and declared independence. A council of representatives from provinces that convened in 875 chose Ashot Bagrationi as king. ... Read Full Article:


August, 6, 901 A.D.:
Amro Leis Saffari Starves In Prison

After Yaghub Leis Saffar died, his brother Amro Leis took his place. Unlike his brother, he decided to make peace with the Caliph but he was tricked, captured and imprisoned. Amro Leis was not expecting a serious confrontation when he entered Transoxiana. Caliph Al Motazed had accepted his request t... Read Full Article:


August, 6, 1694 A.D.:
Sultan Hossein Ascends The Throne

On his dead bed, Shah Soleyman asked the royal Safavi court to choose one of his two sons Hossein or Abbas as his successor. Hossein who had a reputation for being easy-going and had little interest in political affairs was a more attractive choice for the corrupt administration, thus he ascended th... Read Full Article:


August, 6, 1698 A.D.:
Nader Shah's Birthday

Nader Shah the great Iranian commander was born on Aug, 6, 1698 in Dastgerd of Khorasan province. He soon discovered a peculiar genius for military exercises: even at the early age of fifteen. It was in the 36 year of his age, that he formed the design of delivering his country from the tyrants by c... Read Full Article:

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