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July, 21

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July, 21, 838 A.D.:
Afshin Wins Battle Of Anzen

After the Byzantine emperor Theophilus launched an attack against a number of Abbasi fortresses, Al-Motasem launched a well planned response. General Afshin defeated Theophilus on July 21, 838 at the Battle of Anzen at Dazimon with an army of 50,000 men. From there they advanced on the stronghold o... Read Full Article:


July, 21, 1952 A.D.:
Great Iranian Uprising

The great Iranian uprising is one of the peaks of the Iranian history. Prime Minister Mosaddegh resigned from his job as a formality on July, 8 with inauguration of the 17th parliament term, but before accepting duty again, Mosaddegh wanted to secure more authorities so that he could act freely in t... Read Full Article:

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