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June, 12

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June, 12, 625 B.C.:
Ecbatana Becomes Median Capital

The Median king Hoakhtar chose Ecbatana as the capital. Long after the Median empire was overthrown, Ecbatana remained one of three capitals of the Achaemenid empire. Hoakhtar's father, Phraortes started wars against Assyria, but was defeated and killed by Ashur Banipal, the king of Assyria. Hoakhta... Read Full Article:


June, 12, 1980 A.D.:
Iran Shuts Down Higher Education

On 12 June 1980 the Cultural Revolution shut down Iran's Higher Education system for over a year to completely Islamize it, purging many students and faculty members. Only a few months after toppling the despotic Pahlavi monarchy, Iran was undergoing a systematic elimination of all voices of dissent... Read Full Article:


June, 12, 2005 A.D.:
US-UK backed Terror In Ahvaz, Tehran

(Wikipedia) – On June, 12, 2005 terror attacks occurred in Ahwaz; four bombs exploded killing at least 11 people and wounding more than 87 others, days before the presidential election. One of the bombs exploded outside the governor-general's headquarters. Two went off near government offices and ... Read Full Article:


June, 12, 2009 A.D.:
Presidential Election Shakes Iran

The 9th presidential elections took place on 12 June 2009 with a high participation. The official results which declared Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner, were rejected by all three opposition candidates, who claimed that the votes were manipulated and the election was rigged.During the days that foll... Read Full Article:

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