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May, 15

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May, 15, 1642 A.D.:
Shah Abbas 2. Ascends The Throne

On May, 12 1642 Shah Safi died and he was succeeded by his ten year old son Prince Mohammad Mirza who took the title Shah Abbas 2nd on his coronation day on May, 15, 1942, as the 7th sovereign of the Safavian Dynasty. Since the new Shah was still a minor, Safavid Grand Vezir Saru Taghi Khan continue... Read Full Article:


May, 15, 1741 A.D.:
Nader Shah's Assassination Attempt Failed

Nader Shah had conquered three flourishing kingdoms and extended Iranian boundaries as far as Oxus to the north and Indus to the east. The death of his brother Zoheireddoleh was yet to be revenged: he, therefore, had no sooner recovered from the fatigue of his last campaign, than he led his army tow... Read Full Article:


May, 15, 1917 A.D.:
Demonstrations Against Prime Minister

Public demonstrations against Vosooghoddoleh, the Prime Minister took place in Baharestan sq. in Tehran. The demonstrators clashed with the police. These demonstrations had started in Kerman and Fars provinces 40 days before after Vosooghoddoleh ratified a request by the British to create an army un... Read Full Article:

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