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February, 13

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February, 13, 963 A.D.:
Mourning In New Lunar Years

19 years after the fall of Baghdad, Ahmad Booyeh Deylami AKA Moezzoddoleh ordered mourning ceremonies during the first 10 days of Moharram , the first month in lunar year (352 LH). These ceremonies aimed to revive the memory of the Karbala event in which Imam Hossein and 72 of his followers were bru... Read Full Article:


February, 13, 1739 A.D.:
Victory For Nader Shah At Karnal

Pursuing the Afghan invaders, in 1738, Nader Shah conquered Kandahar, the last outpost of the Hotaki dynasty. His thoughts now turned to the Mughal Empire of India for nurturing Hotaki fugitives.Nader Shah's conquest of India began with the Battle of Karnal which was a decisive victory for the Irani... Read Full Article:


February, 13, 1809 A.D.:
French General Leaves Iran

General Gardane who was appointed as the chief of the mission to help modernize the Persian army abruptly left Iran. His mission started as part of terms in the treaty of Finckenstein signed between Iran and France. He was cordially received in Tabriz on November, 1, 1807 by the crown prince Abbas M... Read Full Article:


February, 13, 1812 A.D.:
Russians Defeated At Sultanabad

Receiving the news of Napoleon's invasion of Russia in the spring, Iranian troops moved from Tabriz to Nakhjevan and on February 13, 1812 Persians under Abbas Mirza routed Russians at Sultanabad near the Aras River. With new found confidence in their modern infantry, trained by British and French of... Read Full Article:


February, 13, 1876 A.D.:
Tehran-Tabriz Postal Services

Centuries after Dariush The Great created world's first Chapar System, Naseroddin Shah found out in a trip to Europe that postal services might be of some benefit. Nevertheless, the first Qajar postal courier departed from Tehran on Monday, Feb, 14, 1876, at around 6 o'clock in the afternoon towards... Read Full Article:


February, 13, 1909 A.D.:
Yepram Khan Leads The Uprising

Mohammad Ali Shah's shelling the parliament with cannons instigated people from all around Iran to join revolutionary forces. Yeprem khan, originally an Armenian was chosen the leader of these forces in Gilan. With the help of immigrant Caucasians they took control of Rasht and joined forces with ot... Read Full Article:


February, 13, 2011 A.D.:
Iran Names New Nuclear Agency Chief

(CNN) -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday appointed Fereydoun Abbasi -- who survived an assassination attempt late last year -- as the new head of the country's Atomic Energy Organization, the state-run Press TV reported.Abbasi, a professor at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, rep... Read Full Article:

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