The Iranian History Era :

Abbasi Caliphates (750 - 1258) AD

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January, 27, 750 A.D.:
Abu Muslim Defeats Marvan 2.

In a war between Abu Muslim and Marwan 2nd forces that lasted for two days near the Zab River, Marwan's army was defeated. Marwan was the last ruler from the Omavi Caliphates in east. Marwan fled to Egypt where he was killed. The discriminating policies of the late Omavian Dynasty against non-Arab a... Read Full Article:


February, 1, 766 A.D.:
Imam Reza Is Born

Imam Reza was the seventh descendant of the Islamic Prophet Mohammad and the eighth of the Twelve Imams. He was born in the house of Imam Musa Kazem in Medina, who took over the position of the Imamate, after his father. He was named Ali and titled Al Reza. He was born one month after the death of h... Read Full Article:


May, 24, 766 A.D.:
Al Moghanna uprising

Al Moghanna began an uprising against the Caliph rule in Khorasan. This uprising was one of early attempts by Iranians to regain independence. The murder of Abu Muslim after an Abbasi conspiracy gave him the pretext to rise for revenge. Considering Abu Muslim's popularity, tens of thousands of peopl... Read Full Article:


June, 8, 767 A.D.:
Ostadsis Uprising

Ostadsis started his uprising against the Caliph rule to avenge Abu Muslim's murder. Although he did not really like Abu Muslim; because the Behafarid uprising was suppressed by the very Abu Muslim. Ostadsis uprising was indeed the continuation of Behafarid uprising and they shared the same ideology... Read Full Article:


December, 9, 794 A.D.:
Arab Caliph Appoints Iranian Vezir

Harunolrashid, the Abbasi caliph appointed Yahya Barmaki as his Vezir. Knowing the complexities of ruling over a vast empire, Harunolrashid decided to employ an Iranian who was famous for his honesty, and having characteristics of a good manager to take care of affairs of the empire. Although it was... Read Full Article:


January, 11, 798 A.D.:
Uprising Of Azarak Sons

One of the first recorded uprisings against the Caliphates was that of the Azarak sons in the Sistan Province. After Harunolrashid, the Abbasi Caliph heard of this uprising, he sent an army from Khorasan to suppress it. Ali Bin Isa Bin Mahan, the governor of Khorasan sent his son Isa at the head of ... Read Full Article:


March, 24, 809 A.D.:
Harunolrashid Dies

The fifth Abbasi Caliph Harunolrashid fell ill and died in Tus at the age of 46 and was buried in Mashhad. Harunolrashid's reign lasted for 23 years. With help from Iranian viziers, specially using teachings of Yahya Barmaki, he could give the Caliphate rule, the theme of an empire and turned Baghda... Read Full Article:


May, 1, 811 A.D.:
Mamun Wins Battle Of Rhagae

The Battle of Rhagae was fought on May, 1, 811 between the two sons of Harunolrashid, Al-Amin and Al-Mamun.In 802 Harunolrashid,, ordered that Amin succeed him, and Mamun serve as governor of Khorasan and become caliph after Amin. Mamun was the older of the two brothers and his mother was a Persian ... Read Full Article:

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