The Iranian History Era :

Samanid Dynasty (875 - 999) AD

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April, 8, 876 A.D.:
Abbasids defeat Saffarids

(Wikipedia) - The Battle of Dayr al-‘Aqul was fought on April 8, 876 between forces of the Saffarid amir Ya'qub ibn Laith and the Abbasid Caliphate. Taking place some 80 km southeast (downstream) of Baghdad, the battle ended in a decisive victory for the Abbasids, forcing Ya`qub to halt his advanc... Read Full Article:


May, 28, 879 A.D.:
Divdastian Uprising

Iran's independence from Caliph rulers did not come easy. Right after people understood that all slogans of brotherhood and justice shouted by Arab invaders were hoax and specially after the Abbasi dynasty drowned into corruption and tyranny, patriotic Iranians from all over the country staged upris... Read Full Article:


August, 6, 885 A.D.:
Armenia Declares Independence

After the fall of the Sassanid Empire and during a weak period in Constantinople, Armenians who lived in a vast area including Caucasia and modern Turkey, used the opportunity and declared independence. A council of representatives from provinces that convened in 875 chose Ashot Bagrationi as king. ... Read Full Article:


October, 8, 900 A.D.:
Ismail Samani Defeats Mohammad Bin Zeyd

Mohammad Bin Zeyd was the second ruler of the Alavian Dynasty whose reign lasted for 17 years and 7 months . On Oct, 8, 900 he marched against a massive Samanian army that invaded Tabarestan. The Samanian army was almost twice the size of the Alavian forces that consisted of 20,000 men. Nevertheless... Read Full Article:


August, 6, 901 A.D.:
Amro Leis Saffari Starves In Prison

After Yaghub Leis Saffar died, his brother Amro Leis took his place. Unlike his brother, he decided to make peace with the Caliph but he was tricked, captured and imprisoned. Amro Leis was not expecting a serious confrontation when he entered Transoxiana. Caliph Al Motazed had accepted his request t... Read Full Article:


March, 27, 922 A.D.:
Hallaj Executed In Baghdad

Mansour Hallaj was a revolutionary poet, teacher and great philosopher who was executed in Baghdad. By the order of Al Moghtader, the Abbasi Caliph he was lashed 1000 times and his arms and legs were cut in total brutality. He advocated equal rights for all people in the society and was against expl... Read Full Article:

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