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Mohammad Shah's Coronation

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December, 16, 1834 A.D.:
Mohammad Shah's Coronation

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Crown prince Abbas Mirza had passed away one year before Fathali Shah's death on Oct, 1834. Mohammad Mirza who had entered Tehran in June was appointed crown prince and the governor of Azerbaijan. Mohammad Mirza went to Tabriz with his Vezir Ghaem Magham Farahani. As soon as the news of Shah's death arrived, Farahani blinded Mohammad Mirza's two brothers Jahangir Mirza and Khosrau Mirza in Ardebil prison and made preparations for Mohammad's coronation.
Mohammad Shah ascended the throne as the third Qajar king on Dec, 16, 1834. Farahani was appointed his Vezir again and started eliminating opposing voices. Having a wise Vezir, Mohammad Shah started reforming some institutions but the Qajar court was already contaminated with foreign and Harem influence, and rumors of a conspiracy made the Shah suspicious of his Vezir and who was soon strangled to death in Negarestan Garden.
Haji Mirza Aghasi's appointment as Vezir was a great disaster as he was very superstitious and wanted to govern the country by black magic. Nevertheless, he was able to keep the Shah satisfied. Mohammad Shah marches towards Herat in September, 1837. Backed by the British, Herat's governor Kamran Mirza decided to resist. The Iranian army captured the well fortified Ghurian Castle. The British first sent envoys to convince Mohammad Shah for peace. When they did not succeed, the British declared war on Iran and captured the Khark Island. It was not until Bushehr came under attack that the Shah found out that the Russians had betrayed him and made a deal with the British. He therefore had to lift the siege on Herat and return to Tehran.
During the rest of Mohammad Shah's rein, Iran was the scene of multiple revolts and uprising from every corner. Neither the Shah nor his incapable Vezir had the qualifications to rule the country. Mohammad Shah finally died of gout disease after 14 years of reign at the age of 42. He was succeeded by Naseroddin Shah.

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