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Aminossoltan Assassinated

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August, 30, 1907 A.D.:
Aminossoltan Assassinated

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Aminossoltan, who was the Prime Minister for 3 Qajar kings was killed. During Naseroddin Shah's autarchy, he was entitled Sahebjam, and during Mozaffaroddin Shah's reign he was given the title Aminossoltan.
When the Constitutional Monarchy movement broke out of control, Mohammad Ali Shah dismissed Moshiroddoleh and recalled Aminossoltan from Europe and appointed him Prime Minister. Mohammad Ali Shah gave him the title Atabak-e-Azam. Russian backed Mohammad Ali Shah refused to endorse the Constitution that limited his powers and started fighting against the supporters of the Constitutional Monarchy.
Civil unrest spread fast among major cities specially Tabriz when Mohammad Ali Shah's handwriting promised cooperation with revolutionary forces, however he was acting against the revolution.
On Aug, 30, 1907, Aminossoltan was shot to death by Abbas Agha Tabrizi. There's not much information on his assassin other than that he was possibly hired by Heydar Amoo Oghli, a Constitutional Movement leader. When he was surrounded, Abbas Agha Tabrizi shot himself and died on the scene. Aminossoltan's death removed one of the greatest obstacles against the movement.
Mohammad Ali Shah attended the parliament and was sworn in as the king loyal to constitution. But he hired a mob leaded by the famous cleric Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri and sabotaged the parliament representatives. A bomb exploded near Mohammad Ali Shah's coach and gave him pretext to send Russian forces headed by colonel Liakhoff to bomb the parliament.

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