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Milad Tower Inaugurated

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October, 7, 2008 A.D.:
Milad Tower Inaugurated

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After eleven years, the Milad Tower was inaugurated. Milad Tower is a multi-purpose skyscraper. Holding a world record of over 12,000 square meters of infrastructure, the new symbolic building is visible from almost every part of Tehran. It's the 8th tallest tower in the world. Milad Tower has been designed to function as a communication tower for wireless networks alongside creating basis for planned digital TV broadcasts while amplifying existing analog system signals. Helping with many other applications such as weather forecast and traffic control, the tower has already become a touristic attraction center for those who seek a nice view of Iranian capital Tehran.
With 435 meters height from base to the tip of it's antenna, as the tallest tower in Iran, it has already hosted several cultural gatherings and political meetings. Milad Tower is part of Tehran's international trade and convention center with a five star hotel, trade center, IT park, shopping mall and restaurants. The oblong head of the tower has 12 floors accessible by elevators and stairs. The spectacular turning restaurant is one of its kind. Milad Tower has an octagonal base which is a symbol of traditional Iranian architecture.
While the industrial world crumbles in recession and fast growing steel cities rust in disgrace, Iran's ailing economy despite embargo and sanctions enters a new turning point of upheaval marking the 30th year of revolution; thus sending a strong signal to long-term investors.

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