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Behafarid Revolts

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April, 9, 744 A.D.:
Behafarid Revolts

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Born in Rozan village Behafarid was a prophet who brought a new religion that was a mixture of Islam and Zoroastrianism. His call started gathering many followers among people who were disappointed from the Caliph rule. Speaking Persian had been banned and one who disobeyed was punished brutally. Behafarid's holy book was in Persian and easy to understand for Iranians. Zoroastrian priests submitted a complaint with Abu Muslim who had gained power in Khorasan. Convinced that Behafaridian religion is neither Islam, nor Zoroastrianism and could destabilize hegemony of both religions, an army of 10,000 men was sent to fight him. Behafarid refused to fight Iranians and was thus arrested. Abu Muslim ordered his execution for the crime of prophecy fearing from dangerous ideas similar to Mazdakism and Manichaeism. He was hanged and all Behafarid's followers were also massacred and thus began another long period of silence.
Behafarid usually wore a green silk shirt that he had brought from a trip to China. He banned some of controversial habits such as marriage between close family members and drinking wine. Behafarid's followers prayed seven times a day towards the sun instead of Kaaba which was branded as Mithraism. According to Behafarid teachings, a man's wealth should not exceed 400 Dirhams and he should spend one seventh of his wealth in public affairs such as construction of bridges and roads. Behafaridian faith was recognized as one of 4 sects of Zoroastrianism for some time until it vanished.

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