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Farrakhan Visits Iran

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February, 11, 1996 A.D.:
Farrakhan Visits Iran

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Louis Farrakhan visited Iran attending a rally marking the 17th anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution. In a speech he made, he told the crowd tha their country had become a model religious democracy. He praised the Iranian model and added "If America wants the world to be democratic, Iran has had 17 elections", addressing Iran's elections since Iranians overthrew the U.S. backed Shah in 1979. The following day, he praised Iran's government as perfect and denounced the United States as The Great Satan, a term used by anti-American Iranians after U.S. hostilities to the present regime.
Farrakhan also denounced the U.S. Congress decision to allocate $20 million for covert operations in Iran and added that any attempt to destabilize the Islamic Republic would fail. The provision was part of an espionage $28 million spending bill. Farrakhan's Tehran visit came after his trips to Iraq and Libya, All countries at odds with Washington. His world tour came four months after his Million Man March edged him towards the political mainstream. Mr. Farrakhan said that his world friendship tour was intended to spread the message of self-help and personal responsibility that was voiced in October at the Million Man March on Washington.
The trips came as a severe blow to U.S. prestige and made the headlines in the U.S. F.B.I. started probing Farrakhan's Libya tie while harsh criticism by Mainstream Media followed. He challenged U.S. limits on travel for Americans and heated up congressional debate. The U.S. State Department assailed his visits to Iran and Libya accusing him of cavorting with dictators. The AIPAC was naturally one of the leaders of the lobby to condemn Farrakhan's trip. The magnitude of the propaganda against him, soon forced some black and Muslim organizations to distance themselves from him. African Americans have been targets of terror in the United States for over three hundred years. For over 200 years in U.S. black people were forced to live in enslavement, only to face another 100 years of lynching, legal racial discrimination, destruction of towns and business districts, and the unraveling of the Civil Rights laws; The source of Farrakhan's anger was clear. After the TWA Flight 800 went down, the U.S. demanded that Sudan, Libya, Iran and Iraq be immediately sanctioned as sponsors of worldwide terrorism. The very countries Louis Farrakhan called "our brothers". On his last stop on the trip Farrakhan met briefly with Cuban president Fidel Castro.
Louis Farrakhan later defended his tour and denied that he violated U.S. law by pointing out his constitutional right to freedom of religion.

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