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Quake Destroys BAM

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December, 26, 2003 A.D.:
Quake Destroys BAM

By: Mir M.Hosseini

A strong earthquake of 6.6 Richter magnitude jolts the ancient city of Bam at 5:27 AM killing 26,721 people, 9,000 injured and as many as leaving around 60,000 people homeless. The earthquake also destroyed the historical building called Arg of Bam, a citadel made of mud bricks 2000 years ago. A 97 year old woman was found in good health condition after being rescued, 8 days under rubble. Bam was founded during the Sassanid Empire but during Safavid dynasty additions were made. Being located on the historical silk road route, and having a famous Zoroastrian fire altar it had around 10,000 inhabitants through the times. After an invasion by Afghan forces in 1722, the city lost it's glamour and was used as barrack until 1950's when historical monuments became valuable source of income and restorations began. Bam is registered with UNESCO as a world heritage.

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