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U.S. Founds Iranian Military Mission

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September, 27, 1942 A.D.:
U.S. Founds Iranian Military Mission

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The United States founds the Iranian military mission in order to supply necessities of the British troops in the Persian Gulf alongside streaming supplies to the Soviets. Hitler declared war on U.S. on Dec, 11, 1941, Three months before that, Britain had asked the U.S. to supply locomotives and wagons for the Iranian railway because one fifth of the railroad employees were foreigners who left Iran after the occupation. Iran's industries were technologically dependant on foreign know-how. Although, Little has changed in that sense over decades, those were critical times when for the Allied Powers and Iran was strategically important.
First party of the Iranian Military Mission who were mostly U.S. Army engineers arrived in Iran in December, 1942. They were immediately deployed in construction and repair of railway system in South Iran.. This Mission later took the name : Persian Gulf Service Command. The PGSC succeeded in increasing the transportation capacity of the railroad system ten times it's original until May, 1943. More than 5 million tons of supplies thus went to the Soviets' through Iran corridor, 2.8 tons of which went by rail.
The number of American soldiers that came to Iran reached 30,000 by January, 1943. This caused great concern in Iran because there was no agreement regarding this issue. To clear the situation, the imperial government sent a letter to the U.S. Embassy in Tehran on Feb, 5, 1943, officially asking if the U.S. wanted to join the triplet agreement made between Iran, Britain and Soviets on Jan, 29, 1942. But Iranians could not succeed in getting the U.S. to enter that agreement and was to satisfy herself with a separate deal. Letters, drafts and notes shuttled through diplomatic channels between Iran and the U.S. but for unclear reasons no agreement was finally signed between the two states in this regard after all.

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