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Arab Caliph Appoints Iranian Vezir

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December, 9, 794 A.D.:
Arab Caliph Appoints Iranian Vezir

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Harunolrashid, the Abbasi caliph appointed Yahya Barmaki as his Vezir. Knowing the complexities of ruling over a vast empire, Harunolrashid decided to employ an Iranian who was famous for his honesty, and having characteristics of a good manager to take care of affairs of the empire. Although it was not uncommon to employ locals, Barmaki's appointment as Vezir soon caused problems.
Eight years later, Harunolrashid who was a despot became afraid of Barmaki family's gaining power day by day and ordered execution of Jafar Barmaki who had married Harunolrashid's sister Abbaseh. Yahya was also imprisoned and all his family members were killed. Yahya was starved to death in prison in 805.

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