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Soheili Becomes Prime Minister

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March, 9, 1942 A.D.:
Soheili Becomes Prime Minister

By: Mir M.Hosseini

When PM Foroughi resigned in February, 1942, no one wanted to become the Prime Minister under occupation and deal with huge problems. Somehow, Ali Soheili, an experienced politician accepted the job. Knowing English, French and Russian, Soheili had served as the minister of foreign affairs.
The famous Tripartite Conference of Tehran between Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt in Tehran took place during his administration. There is no doubt about his role in these meetings that guaranteed Iran's integrity and independence.
Soheili's term was short and he resigned from duty in July, 1942. Shah proposed the duty to Hasan Pirnia who did not accept. Then Ghavamossaltaneh who was a favorite of both British and Russians was given the on job (Aug, 1, 1942). This was the third time Ghavamossaltaneh became Prime Minister. His mismanagement led to bloody riots of Dec, 8 when bread was scarce and public discontent led to violence. Angry mob looted shops and attacked several offcial buildings including the Majlis. It is not certain who was behind the scenes, in an effort to force him to resign. But this time he decided to stay in office at whatever cost. Some people were arrested and newspapers were shut down. But he was finally forced to resign on Feb, 13, 1943.

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