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Mansour Appointed Prime Minister

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June, 25, 1940 A.D.:
Mansour Appointed Prime Minister

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Reza Shah appointed Rajabali Mansour as the new Prime Minister. The pro-German Matin Daftari could only remain prime minister for 8 months and Reza Shah's plans to get the best of the conflict in Europe proved wrong. For one thing, nobody could ever think that arch foes Soviets and British could put aside their differences and unite against Germany.
Rajabali Mansour swiftly presented his cabinet of ministers to the Majlis on June, 30th. Right after his cabinet and his programs were approved by the parliament, Mansour who was a known as an anglophile, tried to make up for Daftari's mistakes so to say. But he could not fulfill his duties as expected. He finally had to resign on Aug, 27, 1941.

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