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Iran Joins The United Nations

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September, 14, 1943 A.D.:
Iran Joins The United Nations

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Iran, under occupation did not have much choice. After declaring war on Germany and cutting diplomatic ties with axis countries Iran's ministry of foreign affairs announced the decision to join the League Of Nations to the Soviets, Britain, and U.S.A. who were occupying the country. This move was somehow to stay by the winning side towards the end of the war. On Sep, 14, 1943, Iran officially became a member of the United Nations.
The headlines in the Times Newspaper on Sep, 15th said that Iran has entered a new phase by joining the United Nations and this event was the end of the country's occupation.
Iran's declaration of war on Germany was in fact just a political formality that added to the prestige and credit of the country. The Shah who wanted Iran to have a share in the war was somehow happy with the situation because while raising the morals of the army, he could get help and support.

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