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Dr. Fatemi Executed

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November, 10, 1954 A.D.:
Dr. Fatemi Executed

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Hossein Fatemi lived a very active political life. When he was young, he worked as a reporter for the Mard-E-Emrooz newspaper. While he was studying in France, the chief editor Mohammad Masood was shot dead on the street on Feb, 12, 1948 Dr. Fatemi returned to Iran to continue his work as a leftist journalist who was also opposed to Toodeh Party. On Feb, 15, 1952, at a ceremony commemorating Mohammad Masood, while he was making a speech, a 15 year old member of Fadayian Eslam shot him. He was taken to the hospital and survived the assassination attempt.
Fatemi was a representative at the parliament when Mosaddegh decided to cut ties with U.K. upon which the minister of foreign affairs submitted his resignation. Fatemi then became Mosaddegh's foreign minister. As a revolutionary person, he closed the U.K. embassy on Oct, 11, 1952 and dismissed all anglophiles from the ministry.
After the infamous coup on Aug, 19, 1953, he went hiding until he was found in Tajrish by the police on Feb, 25, 1954 in his pajamas. During his transfer from the police headquarters, he was attacked by the junta mob headed by Shaban Jafari and stabbed several times until his sister saved his life by throwing herself between him and the attackers, thus shielding his body against further beatings. He was then taken to hospital but the regime was to afraid of him and the Shah wanted him dead so much that Dr. Fatemi had to be taken to court proceedings by ambulance. He was sentenced to death on Aug, 16.
On Nov, 10, 1954, he was taken before the death squad while he was badly wounded and suffered from high fever. His last words were "I have no fear from death, specially such a graceful one. I die so that the new Iranian generation may take a lesson and protect their country with their blood and not let foreign spies rule over Iran" He was silenced with 8 bullets in his chest at the age of 34.

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