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PM Mansour Forced To Resign

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August, 27, 1941 A.D.:
PM Mansour Forced To Resign

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Reza Shah summoned Russian and British ambassadors on Aug, 25 as he heard their advance on the Iranian soil. He expressed his disappointment over such shocking action. He pretended to be unaware of the events that led to this attack. After the meeting Reza Shah asked Prime Minister Rajabali Mansour to explain the situation to the parliament. A escape goat was needed and Mansour who was accused of having sympathy towards Germans presented his resignation.
There's no doubt that Iranians had became tired of being exploited by the British and Russians for many years and saw the war as an opportunity to get rid of them. But miscalculations were made and Germany did not succeed in bringing down the U.S.S.R in time. On June, 22, 1941, the German army had started an attack on a front that stretched from the Black sea to the Baltic sea and many people had no doubt about Germany's victory.
The Allied Powers however occupied Iran for several reasons such as:
- Sending supplies to U.S.S.R. through a secure passage.
- Protecting the oil resources and preventing Germans from accessing them.
- Creating a buffer to protect India.
Among other reasons, Iranians obviously viewed Russians and British their long time enemy and there was always a chance that the country could turn against them. Dismissing Rajabali Mansour was one of primary conditions the occupiers set forth. After a briefing at the parliament , PM Mansour announced his resignation on Wednesday Aug, 27. Mohammad Ali Foroughi was then appointed as Prime Minister and his cabinet was approved the next day. Reza Shah was doing his best to stay in power, however he was no longer wanted.

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