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Tehran University Street Uprising

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July, 9, 1999 A.D.:
Tehran University Street Uprising

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The University Street events are a series of clashes at the Tehran university between 7-13 July, 1999. University students were attacked by armed forces and civil suits also referred to as regime's hit agents. Ansar Hezbollah , is one of main branches of civil suits which has operation centers around the cities, inside schools, mosques, hospitals, etc. Following student protests which started with suspension of the Salam Newspaper, the University Street was attacked, many of students were clubbed and hundreds arrested. Dormitories were plundered and a student was murdered. A medical student got shot in his eye while others saved the day with only broken legs and arms.
Two days later, sporadic demonstrations followed in Tehran and Tabriz which were suppressed by force resulting in more deaths. Tehran University was thus silenced. Those held responsible for the killings were all dismissed from charges while some of the students received jail term and life sentences.

KEY TERMS:Ansar Hezbollah , Hezbollah , Salam Newspaper , Tabriz , Tehran , Tehran University

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