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Iran Surrenders Afghanistan To Britain

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March, 4, 1857 A.D.:
Iran Surrenders Afghanistan To Britain

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Following the British occupation of Bushehr, Iran was forced to sign a treaty not less disturbing than the Turkmenchai agreement. Iran thus surrendered to Britain all claims to Herat and territories in present-day Afghanistan. Mediated by Napoleon 3, the treaty signed in Paris was later exchanged in Baghdad.
Britain also came to dominate Iran's trade and interfered in Iran's internal affairs alongside Russia. Enjoying military and technological superiority, they took advantage of Qajar weaknesses. In article 7 of this treaty that consisted of 15 articles, Iran was given the right to send troops to Afghanistan in case of a threat. This mainly was foreseen to give Britain enough time to deploy troops from India in case of an attack from Russia. With this treaty, Iran also accepted to pardon mutiny for those who cooperated with British during the occupation.

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