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Second Siege Of Baghdad Ends In Peace

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December, 2, 1733 A.D.:
Second Siege Of Baghdad Ends In Peace

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Nader's ambition of driving the Turks from the Persian frontiers required having a winning card against Ottomans. On Feb, 8, Nader passed Tigris on a raft with 2500 men. The governor of Baghdad who was watching his motions sent 30000 men against him with a formidable train of artillery; upon which engagement became inevitable. While Iranians were fighting through despair, a cloud of dust became visible. These were 15000 fresh units who had just passed the Tigris. Nader led them to the attack and the Ottoman army fell in disorder and fled. A siege was laid to Baghdad, and Ahmad, the governor of Baghdad tried to gain some time by pretended negotiations. A numerous army headed by Osman arrived and defeated Nader's forces.
Nader led his into the field again on Sep, 13 with a reinforced army. He first engaged the Ottomans near Kermanshah and seized a great booty of ammunition. He then advanced to Kerkuk.. The first detachment sent by Osman were soon defeated. Another body of 12000 men were detached near Baghdad to counter Nader but soon they were defeated and Nader rushed to the heart of the enemy's army and the battle ended with the death of the Ottoman commander and 10000 of his men. After this victory, with a full assurance of a successful siege , the Iranians returned to Baghdad. On Dec, 2, Ahmad informed Nader that the Ottoman court had given him full powers to restore all regions wrestled from Iranians during the troubles in 1723 on condition that the Iranians would raise the siege of Baghdad. This offer was accepted.
However, in May, 1734, a messenger from the Ottoman court informed him that the treaty signed by Ahmad was no more than a pretext to induce the Iranians to decamp and raise the siege of Baghdad and that their court could not honor it. Iran sent a plenipotentiary to Ottomans, giving them this alternative: either to ratify the convention, made in Baghdad, or to meet the Iranian army in the field.

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