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Construction of Bishapour Was Completed.

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November, 24, 266 A.D.:
Construction of Bishapour Was Completed.

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Construction of Bishapour was completed after nearly six years following an order by Shapour I. He was very found of building cities and naming them after himself, though the name of cities gradually changed in time specially after Arab domination as the letter 'p' does not exist in Arabic, in text books Bishapour was simply called Bishabour. It's believed that mostly Roman captives that became slaves after conquering the forces of Valerine were used in construction of Bishapour.
This city was located on the midway between Estakhr and Shoosh during Achaemenid era.
Located 22 km north of Kazeroon, today only ruins of this city exist which consist of the Anahita Temple, the royal arc, and the commons area consisting of houses, hamam, caravansaray, and bazaar.

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