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Relations With The U.S.A. Suspended

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February, 16, 1936 A.D.:
Relations With The U.S.A. Suspended

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Reza Shah ordered suspension of diplomatic relations with the U.S.A. after a senior Iranian diplomat was arrested by the American police. Mr. Ala, head of Iranian diplomatic mission to U.S. reported that while driving in Washington he was stopped by a police officer for violation of the speed limit. He refused to accept the ticket issued by the officer stating that he had diplomatic immunity. Nevertheless, he was taken into custody and kept for hours at a police station. Reza Shah considered this as an insult and called for return of all Iranian diplomats and embassy staff from Washington while ordering the Americans to leave Iran. After this event, the two countries did not have diplomatic relations for quite a while until gifts and mediations broke the ice and relations were normalized. Then again, After the U.S.A. embassy was seized in November 1979 and American diplomats were taken hostage, the two countries broke diplomatic ties and limited relations to secret meetings on secret issues.

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