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End Of 8 Year Iran-Iraq War

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July, 18, 1988 A.D.:
End Of 8 Year Iran-Iraq War

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Iran decided to call off the war with Iraq because there was growing opposition to it among Iranians. Khomeini described his decision to end the war as bitter as poison. Iran finally was forced to accept the UN resolution #598 and made peace with Iraq having regained its territories two weeks after a civilian airplane was shot down by the US navy in the Persian Gulf. After the shock invasion of Iraq in 1980, it took nearly two years for Iranians to get back most of their lost territories.
But this apparently scared many industrialized countries including France, US and Britain as Iran's victory in the war would mean expansion of the Islamic revolution in the region. Therefore unlimited supply of arms, money and intelligence poured into Iraq to stop the patriotic Iranian armed forces. Still, despite Iraq's long range missiles and Saddam's use of chemical weapons, Iranians could capture some key locations in Iraq that made world powers intervene somehow directly in the war unknowing that this intervention would cause international discredit for named countries in long term. Only 20 years later US gets stuck in Iraq with a demoralized army and a bankrupt economy and a toll of 1,000,000 Iraqi civilians killed as a result of occupation.
Thus ended a ferocious and futile war.

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