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Assassination Attempt Against Shah Failed

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February, 4, 1949 A.D.:
Assassination Attempt Against Shah Failed

By: Mir M.Hosseini

On the 11th year anniversary of the Tehran University opening, while Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was making a speech, he was shot at in front of the faculty of law. The attacker was later identified as Naser Fakhrayi, with a press identification card, disguised as reporter / photographer for the newspaper Parcham Eslam.
Mohammad Reza Shah survived the assassination attempt with minor injuries. On the same day, the Toodeh party had organized a meeting commemorating death of Taghi Arani, the founder of the communist party in Iran that had mysteriously died in prison in 1940. Just a day before the incident, students had staged a demonstration against the agreements made with the British that gave them exclusive rights on the petroleum industry.
After the incident a military curfew was declared and many dissidents were arrested. The Toodeh Communist Party which the shooter reportedly belonged to was banned, and arrest warrants against the administration of Toodeh which had organic ties to the Soviet Union were issued. The whole scene led to speculations about the assassination scenario which was allegedly staged to suppress dissidents. Sooner, a law passed the parliament giving the young Shah extra powers that he desired for his dictatorship.

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