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Saddam Nullifies Algiers treaty

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September, 17, 1980 A.D.:
Saddam Nullifies Algiers treaty

By: Mir M.Hosseini

On a signal from the western and Arab countries that wanted to stop expansion of revolutionary ideas from Iran, the Iraqi dictator finds necessary support and guarantee from his masters to start a war with Iran. For that, he needed an excuse. In 1979 he expressed views that the Algiers accord was in favor of Iranians. Then during an interview in April 1980 he forwarded 3 conditions to ease tensions between the two countries while Iraqi fighter jets were bombing Iranian border villages in order to scare the citizens away. The conditions were as follows: Iran's withdrawal from triplet Persian Gulf islands, returning the extension of Arvand river to it's condition before 1975, and declaring Khuzestan as an Arabic province with the awkward name Arabestan. No one know so far what kind of drugs he had used before this interview but on September, 17, 1980 when he was addressing the Iraqi parliament he declared one sided nullification of the Algiers accord. The war was coming, still ironically, it took 8 years for the UN to find out which side started the war. When the Iranian students were going to school on September, 23 there was an important lesson for them to learn; This equinox marks no peace until high school.

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