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The American Ambassador Meets Mosaddegh

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January, 15, 1953 A.D.:
The American Ambassador Meets Mosaddegh

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Henderson, the American ambassador to Tehran met with Dr. Mosaddegh in his house at Kakh St on Jan, 15, 1953. Dr. Mosaddegh, the Iranian Prime Minister was suffering from illness and used to run affairs from his home. The meeting which took 7 hours was about a proposal by the British on the Nationalization of Oil issue. Tensions had been high between Iran and UK specially afterMajlis unanimously passed the bill of Nationalization of Oil industry on March 12, 1951, followed by a vote on March 28 to expropriate the AIOC properties at Abadan.
The offer was rejected because it was against the national sovereignty of Iranians. 35 days later, another offer was made by the British. The U.S. embassy seemingly was acting as the mediator while behind the scenes, CIA and MI6 were providing the grounds for the coup d'état on Aug, 19. The second offer was rejected also, although Nationalization of Oil and Iranians ownership was recognized, however pricing and sales policy was in the hands of the British.
Moreover foreign experts had the right to supervise the technical issues. Mosaddegh rejected this offer calling it against national interests of Iranians.
Henderson later played a great role in the Operation TP-AJAX that toppled the democratic government of Mosaddegh.

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