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13 Year Old Becomes Last Qajar King

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November, 22, 1909 A.D.:
13 Year Old Becomes Last Qajar King

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After 5 months of political chaos, the high council of the constitutional monarchy stripped Mohammad Ali Shah off his powers as king due to his negligence towards constitution and seeking shelter at the Russian embassy, and then appointed 13 year old Ahmad Shah as the new king. Some evidences suggest that Ahmad Shah was only eleven years old when he was installed by the Majlis on the Qajar throne. The Grand Majlis consisted of 500 delegate members who came from different backgrounds.
Ahmad Shah was announced king on July, 16 1909, following the overthrow of his father and predecessor, Mohammad Ali Shah, who had attempted to reverse earlier constitutional restrictions on royal power, and thus enraged the majority of Iranians.
After Ahmad Shah's coronation, on August, 5, 1909 his father was sent to exile with a yearly salary of 100,000 Tomans.
The Majlis held a special tribunal in order to punish all those who participated in the civil war; the revolutionary court had ordered execution of some dissidents including Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri. They abolished class representation; created five new seats for the minorities in the Majlis; the Armenians got two seats, other religious minority groups such as Jews, Zoroastrians and Assyrians each got one seat in the new Parliament.

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