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Iran Signs Peace Treaty With Romans

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December, 25, 630 A.D.:
Iran Signs Peace Treaty With Romans

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The Sassanid Dynasty was in a turmoil and Queen Pourandokht was trying to take the vast empire out of this dead-end. Therefore she proposed a peace treaty to Romans which was accepted and signed later on Dec, 29, 630. Citizens were totally unpleased with the class based society they were living in, there was injustice and judicial system had become corrupt. In some parts of Iran, the regional rulers had begun coinage of their own which was totally against the monetary policy of the empire. The news of Caliphates' dominance over the Arabic Pennisula was heard and an emminent attack from south was predictable. But the queen could not bring unity to a male-dominant society where power stuggle was at it's peak; the Persian empire was falling apart.

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