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Mandatory Education Draft Presented To Parliament

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December, 24, 1942 A.D.:
Mandatory Education Draft Presented To Parliament

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The mandatory education draft was presented to the Iranian parliament. This draft was later approved and became law according to which general education should be mandatory, free of charge and equal throughout the country. Some years later the UN human rights had similar provisions regarding general education. In Iran, free education was extended to all educational levels including doctorate starting from 1974 when all private schools gradually became public. Buildings and equipments were bought from their previous owners, and staff were hired by the government under the ministry of education while their work history records were calculated for retirement benefits. After the revolution in 1979, the new constitution approved the same law, however two years later private schools with a different Arabic name started to pop up in all educational levels again, and authorities began tagging discontent university students and imprisoning them in the new millennium. According to a report published in the Hamshahri daily newspaper on April, 20, 2006 there are 1,000,000 illiterate Iranians betweens the ages 9 and 29.

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