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Nader Shah Assassinated

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June, 10, 1747 A.D.:
Nader Shah Assassinated

By: Mir M.Hosseini

In the sixtieth year of his life, Nader had to deal with several revolts across the country. This situation drove him to a degree of fury that he put to death a great number of his governors and ministers, upon suspicion and not satisfied with destroying the leaders of the rebellion, he cut off whole cities, and forced the greatest number of his subjects to seek a refuge in the mountains and deserts.
Nader Shah was assassinated in a coup d'état by his generals headed by his nephew Ali near the city of Ghoochan where he encamped at a place called Fatehabad. Tired of his long march, oppressed with years, sunk in despair, he retired early to his tent, and slept till midnight; at which time 3 assassin entered his tent and put him to death.
Each of his generals declared autonomy in one region of Iran until Karimkhan Zand took over and reunited the country again. It took Karimkhan ten years to defeat all enemies and rearrange the political structure of Iran. He started building of the Gulistan palace in Tehran but he chose Shiraz to reside as a gesture to live near Perspolis.

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