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Red Army Says Farewell!

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April, 23, 1946 A.D.:
Red Army Says Farewell!

(NLAI) - On April, 23, 1946, a goodbye letter from the military command of the Soviet Union officially ended the occupation of parts of Iran by the Red Army. This leaflet, registered as document #102007-10026 with the National Library and Archives of Iran started with a quote and a photo of Stalin. It is translated as follows:
"Goodbye respected friends
Today, we're leaving your country-land of ancient culture. We have set foot in your country with your consent in order to counter our common enemy, the fascists, to prevent them from entering Iran and to protect the Iranian nation from harms and dangers of war.
The great nation of the Soviet Union and its hero Red Army bore all the heavy burdens of war in order to defend its freedom and freedom of other nations.
Soviet warriors protected the independence and freedom of great nations including the freedom and independence of the Iranian nation with self-devotion.
The Red Army has completed its historical mission of global liberation. Generally, developed humanity is thankful about it to the truly national Red Army that means the army of the Socialist Soviet State.
During four years of cooperation, the two nations of Soviet Union and Iran experienced feelings of mutual respect, sincere friendship, and unlimited trust.
The Soviet Union and its victorious Red Army will be protecting and securing interests, peace and general security of freedom seeking nations.
We will say farewell and leave you just like close friends. Long-Lasting and stable be Soviet-Iran friendship.
Soviet Forces Command"
From the context of the propaganda in the text, one would think that Iranians had invited the Allied Powers to occupy Iran in Aug, 1941 dragging the country into a devastating war in which Iran was indeed neutral. The World War II caused widespread famine due to the fact that occupation forces plundered Iran's resources and especially the USSR refused to leave Iran long after the war was over. The Soviet backed Toodeh and Democrat parties established and supported separatist armed groups in northern Iran.
Fortunately, Iran could secure international support against Soviet imperialism and forced them to leave the country by political means. During the Cold War that ensued the World War II, Iran shifted towards the West and Iran-USSR relations did not improve until 1960s.

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