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1st First Iranian Vice President

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September, 1, 1989 A.D.:
1st First Iranian Vice President

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Hassan Ebrahim Habibi was the 1st First Vice President of Iran from Sep, 1, 1989 to Sep, 11, 2001, eight years under President Rafsanjani and then four years under President Khatami. He was followed by Mohammad Reza Aref in Khatami's second term.
A constitutional referendum was held in Iran on 28 July 1989, alongside presidential elections. Approved by 97.6% of voters, it was the first and so far the only time the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been amended. It made several changes to articles 5, 107, 109, 111, and added article 176. It eliminated the need for the Supreme Leader of the country to be a Marja, it eliminated the post of Prime Minister, and it created a Supreme National Security Council.
Thus the political office of Prime Minister ended on Aug, 3, 1989.
Before his vice presidency, Habibi was the Minister of Justice under Prime Minister Mousavi. He was also the spokesman for the Council of Revolution of Iran in 1979.
Habibi who holds a PhD. in law and sociology was among the main architects of the first draft of Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran after the Iranian Revolution, which was later passed for more discussion to an elected Assembly of Experts for Constitution.
First Vice President took over some of the responsibilities of Prime Minister. According to Article 124, First Vice President will be chairing the board of ministers and coordinate the other vice presidencies, if let by the President. According to Article 131, First Vice President takes over as acting President in cases where the President in incapacitated, but only if permitted by the Supreme Leader. According to the same Article, First Vice President (or anyone serving as acting President) must make sure that a new president is elected in fifty days.
Currently, First Vice President under Mr. Ahmadinejad is Mohammad Reza Rahimi.

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