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Foundation of The Ministry of Energy

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October, 17, 1936 A.D.:
Foundation of The Ministry of Energy

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Ministry of Energy of Iran was originally founded after a draft bill approved on October 17, 1936 in order to supply electricity in Tehran. On May, 20, 1943, the law authorizing the organization to be in charge of water management was passed. But it was not until the White Revolution when the entity was re-established under the title of "Ministry of water and electricity" on March, 17, 1964.
On February 17, 1975, after the parliamentary approval it became "Ministry of Energy" aka Vezarat-e Niroo with the goal of supplying electricity and water for citizens.
Ministry of Energy of Iran is the main organ of the Government in charge of the regulation and implementation of policies applicable to energy, electricity, water and wastewater services.
Ministry of Energy is responsible for management of supply and demand of water, electricity, energy, and wastewater services and also promoting the training, research and technology, and bedding for goods and services market in water and electrical industry. It also plays a major role in preservation of natural resources, environment protection, public health promotion, welfare and self-sufficiency for sustainable development of the country.
On May, 10, 1978, the ministry was put in charge of construction and operation of Nuclear Power Plants.
On July, 12, 1980, some of the authorities of the Ministry of Energy were transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture.
On March, 7, 1983, water management, and fair distribution of water resources became an inseparable part of the Ministry of Energy.
List of Energy ministers of Iran, after the Iranian 1979 revolution:
Abbas Taj
Hasan Abbaspour
Mahmoud Moghaddam
Mansour Shahidi
Hasan Ghafurifard
Mohammad Taghi Banki
Seyed Abolhasan Khamushi
Bijan Namdar Zanganeh
Habibollah Bitaraf
Parviz Fattah
Majid Namjoo

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