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The City Of Argan Built

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December, 12, 525 A.D.:
The City Of Argan Built

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Upon completion of the city built by the order of Ghobad I between Estakhr and Susa, a meeting among noblemen took place in the palace in Tisfun to decide on a name for the city. It was agreed that it won't be appropriate to name it after Ghobad who was still alive, therefore they named it Argan. The city was located near the Maroun river. For some unknown reason Argan was deserted later on and residents moved to another place nearby which was later called Behbahan.

KEY TERMS:Arg , Argan , Behbahan , Estakhr , Ghobad , Maroun , Susa , Tisfun

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