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Balash Was Elected King

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April, 5, 52 A.D.:
Balash Was Elected King

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Balash was elected king from among many rival princes by Mehestan. Balash chose his brother Tirdad as the king of Armenia. This action angered the Romans starting a war that lasted for almost 8 years but fortunately ended in a peace treaty. Tirdad who was a clever and brave politician met Nero in person and they attended a ceremony together in Rome in 66 AD. Nero gave him the diadem which made him rule in Armenia under Roman supremacy.
The reign of Balash marked an Iranian revival against Hellenism. He went back to Iranian customs and traditions of Achaemenid era. He replaced the Greek alphabet with previously used Aramaic script. On some of his coins the initials of his name appear in Aramaic letters. He changed the Greek names of Iranian cities back to their original Iranian names.
Balash had realized the importance of a nation’s true origin. That is exactly why we use his real name instead of Greek name Vologases.
Balash ordered collection of the ancient Avesta texts. On some of his coins a fire temple can be seen and this tradition continued for several hundred years to the end of the Sassanid Empire.
Balash ruled the Parthian Empire from 52 to 78 and was succeeded by his son Balash 2.

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