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Mohsen Sadr Becomes Prime Minister

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June, 5, 1945 A.D.:
Mohsen Sadr Becomes Prime Minister

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Mohsen Sadr served as royal tutor to Salarossaltaneh, one of Naseroddin Shah's sons. When Mozaffaroddin Shah ascended the throne and Salarossaltaneh became the governor of Hamedan, Sadr served him as chamberlain.
After bombing of the Majlis in June, 1908, he was a judge serving in a committee that was accused of prosecution and execution of many freedom fighters during the Constitutional Monarchy Movement.
He served in many senior government positions in his career, such as President of the High Court of Justice in Tehran, Governor of Khorasan, Speaker of Majlis, and Minister of Justice.
Although Mohsen Sadr obtained the Vote of Confidence from Majlis with a reasonable majority on June, 5, 1945, since the beginning of his term, he faced great opposition from liberal and leftist group because of his bloody past in suppressing the Constitutional Monarchy. Moreover, Iran was under occupation of Allied Powers and in order to lead a powerful government, he saw the solution in silencing the voices of dissent again and he banned opposition publications which was a bad decision at the time forcing him to resign in less than four months and flee the country.
Ebrahim Hakimi succeeded him as Prime Minister.

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