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Mostofiolmamalek Becomes Prime Minister

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February, 15, 1923 A.D.:
Mostofiolmamalek Becomes Prime Minister

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Mostofiolmamalek began his fifth term serving as Prime Minister on Feb, 15, 1923. In his cabinet, the future Reza Shah was the Minister of War and the Iranian political scene was chaotic less than 2 years after the coup d'état of Feb, 21, 1921.
His term did not last more than 8 months and he submitted his resignation after one of his ministers, Foroughi was brought in front of the parliament for a formal question which was tabled by Modarres. Although his minister answered the questions convincingly, Mostofiolmamalek made his famous speech accusing some of parliament representatives of taking bribes. He was angry and disappointed by the accusations and openly called the parliamentarians corrupt instead of flattering or trying to convince them.
From Majlis, he went straight to Ahmad Shah and ignoring his full backing, he resigned. With this jest, he preserved his dignity and reputation. He was again Prime Minister for a sixth time under Reza Shah and formed his cabinet on June, 13, 1926.
He passed away from a heart attack on Aug, 28, 1932.

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