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Dariush Defeats Nidintu-Bel

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December, 13, 522 B.C.:
Dariush Defeats Nidintu-Bel

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Nidintu-Bel claimed to be Nebu Chadnezzar son of Nabonidus. Nebu Chadnezzar 3's name was first mentioned in a letter written in Oct, 3, 522 only 4 days after Gaumata was killed. The empire was in a chaos. To suppress this rebellion Dariush himself leaded an army using the advantage of having a full-fledge army after the Egypt expedition. The first battleground was in Tigris just where Cyrus had defeated Nabonidus. The river was impassable and Dariush inflated animal skins and used camels and horses to pass the army through the river. This happening in December, the river must have been raving. Dariush became victorious by the help of Ahouramazda as he states. The glory of the victory must have had such a strong effect that; right after this Dariush sends an envoy to Elam where there was another rebellion headed by Assina. In his message Dariush had asked for immediate extradition of Assina. Elamites did so and Assina was killed by Dariush himself. After this relief, Dariush and his army approach Babylon quickly and take the city under siege. On Dec, 18 a second defeat comes for the Babylonian army near the city right before it was captured. Nidintu-Bel was captured and executed.
At the same time two more rebellions took place: One by Phraortes in Media and the other by Vahyazdata in Persia.

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