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Wanted : Colonel Pesyan

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August, 24, 1921 A.D.:
Wanted : Colonel Pesyan

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Prime Minister Ghavamossaltaneh put a reward on the head of Colonel Pesyan and gave authority to several influential people such as Shokatolmolk 2 and Sardar Moazez.
Colonel Pesyan knew Ghavamossaltaneh as a corrupt person. After the coup of 1921, per order from Tehran, Colonel Pesyan arrested Ghavamossaltaneh and sent him to Tehran. This was the source of hostility between these two. But life has many faces and the coup Prime Minister, Seyyed Ziaoddin Tabatabayi had to escape and Ghavamossaltaneh took his place.
Therefore Colonel Pesyan opposed governorship of Najdossaltaneh and Semsamossaltaneh, both appointed by Ghavam.
It is not clear if Shokatolmolk 2 was trying to convince Colonel Pesyan to come to an agreement or was he trying to betray him with the aid from Semsamossaltaneh. Nevertheless, during their negotiations, Sardar Moazez attacked Bojnourd and took control of the Gendarmerie and the city. Colonel Pesyan swiftly moved with his remaining forces to nearby Ghouchan and engaged the battle. The government meanwhile had officially declared him a rebel and his comrades deserted him. He fought till the last drop his blood and was killed on the battlefield. His was decapitated and his head was sent to Tehran for reward on Oct, 1, 1921.
Ten years later, he was buried by the tomb of Nader Shah with a ceremonial burial.

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