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Iran Asks Resumption Of Postal Flights

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February, 23, 1942 A.D.:
Iran Asks Resumption Of Postal Flights

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The German Junkers Company started operating in Iran since April, 1929 running Tehran-Mashhad postal services. Mutual cooperation expanded in time until Iran established its own school of aviation in 1931. Despite many difficulties and British hegemony Iran-Iraq postal route started operating on March, 15, 1937.
On April, 1, 1941, the army chief of staff staged a coup in Iraq and Rashid Ali Gilani toppled the British puppet ruler. He intended to use the WWII as an opportunity to press for full Iraqi independence following the limited independence granted in 1932.But things did not go as planned and Britain reacted by landing the Indian 20th Infantry Brigade at Basra on April, 18. The war lasted until May, 31, 1941 with return to power of the ousted pro-British Regent of Iraq, Prince Abdollah.
Due to British invasion of Iraq; Iran-Iraq postal operations ceased on May, 5, 1941. An internal communication between Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Post and Telegraph indicates Iran’s willingness to resume Tehran-Baghdad flights on Feb, 23, 1942 which Iraq answered reluctantly asking for same rights for Iraqi airplanes to fly to Iran.
It seems that although Iran was under occupation of Allied Powers at the time, some officials were trying hard to return life to normal, an action which was not quite approved by hegemonies of the time. A brief history of post in Iran follows:
- The first regular postal services in Iran date back to the time of Achaemenid Dariush the Great King of Persia (522-486 BC) through the famous Royal Road.
- On Feb, 13, 1876 A.D. Tehran-Tabriz Postal Services started operating
- Iran Joins International Postal Union on Oct, 16, 1878.
- On Feb, 9, 1926, the draft of air postal services was passed into law by Majlis.
- On Jan, 29, 1927 Iran’s air postal services was officially inaugurated and ten days later, Tehran-Qazvin air mail was functioning.
- German Junkers Company starts Tehran-Mashhad Air Postal services on April, 27, 1929.
- On April, 28, 1929 Bushehr-London air mail services started.
- On July, 29, 1933: Tehran’s new post office building was completed.
***This article is primarily based on Iranian National Library Document #: 9568-102006, in addition to articles #s 873, 1109, 775, and 1060 on ***

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