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Soheili Presents Cabinet

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February, 17, 1943 A.D.:
Soheili Presents Cabinet

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Ali Soheili became Prime Minister for a second term after Ghavamossaltaneh did not comply with unfair terms imposed by occupation forces on Tehran and famine broke out. It was clear that Soheili was the puppet Prime Minister to obey Allied Powers word-by-word.
In order to address public discontent due to poverty and famine, Soheili presented a program to provide essential necessities. At that time people believed that they were kept in hunger deliberately in order to be contained, a fact that was somehow correct. By distributing food coupons, the government levied a controlling power on public while using the same tools; they gave concessions to those who cooperated with the occupation forces.
Dr. Millspaugh oversaw the distribution process and set quotas for every province. The Soviets were in charge of the Northern provinces while the British controlled the south of Iran. The Allied Powers had a dedicated share of the food distributed, apart from the fact that they were confiscating Iran's agricultural products and their very presence was the reason behind most shortages.
Meanwhile, certain elements close to the Pahlavi court were getting extra benefits and the Soheili cabinet was preparing for an election whose outcome was dictated from outside.
On Dec, 1st, The Allied Powers gathered in Iran and issued the Tehran Declaration two weeks before the Soheili cabinet resigned on Dec, 14, 1943.
***This article is primarily based on Iranian National Library Document #: 509/24-116002***

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