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Communist Guerilla Attacks Amol

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January, 26, 1982 A.D.:
Communist Guerilla Attacks Amol

By: Mir M.Hosseini

A guerilla group called Communists Union of Iran staged armed uprising against the Iranian regime. Around 200 of the group members went into hiding in the forests in September, 1981. They staged sporadic attacks on small civilian targets stealing food and necessities until Nov, 9 when they closed the Haraz Road 15 km to Amol in Mazandaran Province. They confiscated several vehicles and took 7 drivers hostage.
Although Iran was in the middle of a war with Iraq, existence of such a dangerous guerilla group could no longer be ignored. On Nov, 13, Iranian armed forces dispersed the group which had to retreat further into depths of the forest. Some casualties were reported on both sides. As a result of this serious encounter, the group lost nearly half of its members. Two days later, another communist group attacked a military post 30 km from Amol. On Dec, 21, 1981, the guerillas attacked a newly established military post, but were forced to retreat. On Jan, 3, 1982, during clashes with Revolutionary Guards, one of the guerilla leaders was killed.
The group leader must have been under serious pressure when they decided to descend to Amol on Jan, 26, 1982. The first target was the Basij building which was hit by RPG. Then they started building barricades and making announcements asking people to join them. Their expectation to stage a public uprising did not find much support and people of Amol quickly grouped against them. People backed the military and took arms against the communist guerillas killing 11 in front of the Basij building. But the civilian death toll was also high at 40 people. By the next day, the city of Amol was calm again and the guerillas were either killed, arrested or fled away. Because of the bravery of the citizens, Amol is now known as the city of 1000 barricades.

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