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Iran-Turkey Sign Friendship Treaty

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April, 22, 1926 A.D.:
Iran-Turkey Sign Friendship Treaty

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Imperial government of Iran and Republic of Turkey signed a friendship and security treaty on April, 22, 1926. The treaty which was arranged in eleven sections, was signed by Mohammad Ali Foroughi and Turkish ambassador to Tehran. By this treaty, the two courtiers agreed :
- To prevent acts that would harm peace and friendship between two nations.
- To guarantee not to attack each other's territory.
- To stay neutral if the other country is attacked.
- To resolve possible disputes and conflicts through diplomatic channels or by referring to independent judges.
- To refrain from entering economic or military treaties that may threaten the other side.
- To prevent formation or settlement of parties or groups that threaten the other country.
- To protect each other's borders from acts that may harm the other side.
The two parties also agreed to form assemblies in Tehran, in less than six months after the agreement to discuss issues related to commercial and consular issues and make regulations to ease post, telegraph, and customs. Iran and Turkey also agreed on handling criminals.
The treaty was prepared in Persian and Turkish and French and it was indicated that in case of a dispute, the French copy would be valid. The significance of the Iran-Turkey peace treaty was ending centuries old animosity with the Ottoman Empire steered by foreign meddling.

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